About Us



    Roy Weathington grew up in                 Alexandria, AL with his seven             siblings, to mother and father, Roy         and Betty Weathington. He has spent     his whole life in the Anniston area         and is very familiar with Calhoun         County and the surrounding                 areas.

    Roy has a knowledgable background     in residential and commercial             construction. Roy started his own         business and receved his contractors     license from the State of Alabama in     2004.  

Matthew Weathington

    Matt Weathington also grew up in
    Alexandria, AL.  He is one of two         children born to Roy and Cheryl             Weathington.  

    Matthew has worked in the                 construction field since graduating         from Alexandria High School in 1998.     Matthew attended Auburn University     and received a Bachelor of Science     in Geography.  

    Matthew has recently relocated             back to the Anniston area after living     in the Carolinas for three years.          There he worked as a Project             Manager and Land Surveyor for a         Grading Company.  

Susan Weathington

    Susan Weathington grew up in             Hoover, AL.  She is one of two             children born to Larry and Judy             McClain.

    Susan attended Auburn University         where she completed her Bachelor
    of Science degree in Interior Design       with a minor in Business.  

    Susan has been working for an           architectural firm in Charlotte, NC         for the past three and a half years.  

Weathington Construction is owned and operated by Roy Weathington of Alexandria, Alabama. Weathington Construction has been in business since 2004 and has completed numerous residential and commerical projects ranging from new home construction, renovations, additions, restorations, and general carpentry. Roy is committed to giving his customers the utmost professional services in a timely manner. He has numerous assets at his disposal to ensure that your project is completed quickly, beautifully, and most of all, right.  Weathington Construction serves Anniston, AL, Calhoun County and the surrounding areas.